Richard Simms

An open letter to Hiring mangers

Richard Simms

An open letter to Hiring mangers

Revolutionising hiring with AI-Powered insights

Remember the days when hiring was all about sifting through endless resumes, a process as tedious as waiting for the weekend in a cubicle job? That landscape has now changed. With Smart Interviewer, we leave behind the traditional, time-consuming approach to hiring. Our innovative, AI-powered Resume Insights offer a smarter way to interview, creating personalised questions that ensure you always ask the right ones.

Resume Insights: This tool goes beyond just highlighting a candidate's strengths and weaknesses. It intelligently crafts custom interview questions for each applicant, tailored to their resume and your job description.

  • Score & Interview Insights: Candidates are scored for their alignment with the job, forming the basis for these custom questions, leading to a more focused and efficient interview process.

  • Strengths & Inquiry Prompts: Discover candidate strengths and receive prompts for deeper exploration in interviews, enhancing your understanding of their potential role fit.

  • Weaknesses & Clarification Questions: Pinpoint areas for development and get questions to address these, allowing for a well-rounded assessment.

  • Gaps & Probing Questions: The tool also detects gaps in resumes, suggesting targeted questions to fill these and fully assess candidate suitability.

Don't let top talent slip through the cracks anymore. Embrace our Smart Interviewer to enrich your hiring process. With this tool, your time is spent engaging with the right candidates, leading to more informed decisions and a stronger team.

How to get started:

  • Upload the resume and job description.

  • Click on the 'Compare the CV to the Job ad' button.

  • Type "/questions" for a set of personalised interview questions.

Transform your hiring process today. Join the Smart Interviewer revolution and experience an efficient, effective way of building your team. Get started now and ensure every interview is as insightful as possible.