Design to deliver value

I design, write about, and speak on creating valuable products for mobile apps, and responsive websites.

Making products come alive

Helping companies deliver real value across product design and development, by knowing that they are investing in designing right things. I work with teams, to understand the features that go into the products and make sure they actually solve the underlying customer and business problems. I guide teams to create more valuable design work through strategic design and lean UX practice.

Three screens from the Suncorp AppAppmap of Suncorp App

Hello, nice to meet you.

I’m Richard Simms, a Design Lead/Manager. Over the last 15 years, I have designed and developed projects in the digital space, pretty much anything that has a screen. I’ve had the pleasure to work with globally respected brands. Designing human-centered services, transforming ideas into digital products and creating unique customer experiences.

Collection of Mastercard App screensSingle Mastercard screen

I believe

I help businesses through what the project means for them and their business. To create magic moments, that connects customers with the product or service to help them achieve an experience they desire. By running experiments to generate learnings to improve the product.

Cutting through the random feature list with something valuable. From oh no! To fuck yeah!

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Who I love to work with

For me, it’s important to be sector agnostic. I work with businesses of all scales, from start-ups raising their first funding to global household names. To uncover new opportunities to create a new and unique experience that create value.


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