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Work with us at Open University Australia

  • Open Universities Australia is a nonprofit marketplace for higher education across Australia that I lead the usability experience.
  • As the lead UX designer at Open Universities Australia, I often wear many hats but my focus is always to ensure that the product teams are creating value for the customer.
  • Gathering early input and validation from customers to save time and increase confidence. With a cadence of talking to custmers every four days, created empathy and radically improved the perception of how easy it is to work with Open Universities Australia.

Supporting our healthcare heroes

  • I helped a not for profit charity provide scrubs (uniforms) for healthcare heroes in response to COVID-19. By creating a website that matched local volunteers with healthcare workers who needed scrubs.
  • We finished up making over 6,500 free scrubs for healthcare workers across Australia with the help of over 3,000 volunteers and generous donors.
Voluntee cutting fabric from a patternHalthcare workers wearing scrubs

Designed a single destination and the place to get your home, car, money and life sorted.

I lead and facilitated the strategic experience design of the Suncorp iOS / Android native banking and insurance marketplace. I advocated a user-centered approach in design perspective and practice across the product and stakeholders. Throughout discovery, we continually gathered feedback from customers. We tested everything from the value proposition, the navigation concepts to the desirability of individual features.

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