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Continuous discovery & Opportunity solution tree

Caitlin Blackwell gave a Product Anonymous talk at RMIT on Continuous Discovery in June 2019. Her talk was about her work as acting Head of Product for the candidate experience at SEEK and the…

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Value is the Reuleaux triangle of Design Thinking

Reuleaux is the triangle formed at the centre of Venn diagrams. The three intersecting circles of desirability , feasibility and viability that forms Design Thinking. Which often refers to…

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The power of doing as thinking

The more I work with product teams, the more I fall in love with the continuous discovery process. I’ve found the best product teams are those that embrace learning what experiences will materially…

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The deliberate practice of product discovery

Only in the movie Fields of Dreams does “If you build it, he (they) will come.” People don’t just show up. All profitable, effective products begin by identifying and talking to their customer first…

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Saying no to good ideas, is easy when you know your why

When we’re looking at a backlog of potential features or a flood of new ideas to prioritise. We know every stakeholder, executive and member of the team will have a different opinion or preference…

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Turn assumptions into hypothesis

It's a good habit to be curious about all aspects of the product. To ask five why’s , we all have unfounded beliefs and this can often course us to miss the obvious or take the un-validated…

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You can do anything, but you can’t do everything

The paralysis of continuous development, it's hard choosing the next small problem to chip away at. It should be easy, but it can lead to frustrations and feeling that your efforts are not making a…

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Horses for courses – choosing the right bets to play and gaining better odds

Tomorrow is Australia's largest annual horse race, the Melbourne Cup. What is your strategy for bagging a winner, do you bet on your favourite number, or the name you like the best. How about past…

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